As a digital experience company, SUB2r is dedicated to developing new technologies that allow artists, creators, and brands to explore and push the boundaries of creativity.

Jean-Michel Basquiat says, "Art is how we decorate space, and Music is how we decorate time." Video is the perfect medium to express both elements simultaneously. As a digital experience company, SUB2r is dedicated to developing new technologies that allow artists, creators, and brands to explore and push the boundaries of creativity.

Who We Are

SUB2r is the family of attainable premium studio-quality products and equipment that sets the stage for creators and broadcasters to stream professional content without boundaries. Live video is an art form and SUB2r exists to see you unleash it.

The video cameras, gaming glasses, and Active Green Screen (AGS) products are a testament to affordable high quality and a strong commitment to open architecture.

SUB2r has been perfecting product technology over the past 10 years using military grade equipment to enable users to get the best live video broadcast possible at themost affordable possible price.

SUB2r designs products to elevate artistry and the performance of digital experiences—for a brand, digital creator, influencer, or broadcaster.  

“If you’ve come this far, explore, innovate, and create.”

Our Mission

SUB2r solves problems through the application of technology. Always striving to break conventions and redefine "normal." Never accept the status quo and continuously push the boundaries of what is possible in digital imaging.

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Our Story

In 2011, the SUB2r core team of founders assembled with a vision to improve the video camera from input to output, drastically. Facing the challenge of creating a camera that encompassed every aspect of the imaging process, they built one from scratch. 

With meticulous construction, refined components, and innovative image processing algorithms, SUB2r revolutionized the traditional imaging pipeline. The result? A palm-sized camera that streams 4k 60/ps, processes 1.5 billion calculations per second, and offers broadcast-quality video at an affordable price. 

With a dose of ingenuity across a few labor-intensive months, SUB2r refined its components. The team took a diametric approach to the traditional imaging pipeline, unchanged since Kodak introduced it in 1975. 

Interest grew around the world, ranging from sports to healthcare and astronomy. A few generations of the camera later, SUB2r has partnered with tech industry titans and garnered feedback from a range of experts down to top Twitch and YouTuber hosts. Whether you're a pro gamer or a remote worker, our camera delivers top-notch quality with minimal latency.

SUB2r is passionate about consistently showing up at major tech gatherings such as CES and TwitchCon and will soon debut two new video cameras at NAB Amplify: Studio460 and Square One. The SUB2r lab has recently innovated other products that enhance and elevate digital experiences, including a new green screen and gaming glasses. 

Their story of grit, ingenuity, and perseverance runs deep down to the stories behind the company's founders. SUB2r’s story is unique yet proof that hard work and determination can lead to many avenues of success.

  • Vanda K.

    Co-Founder | President | Board Chair 

    Vanda Khachatrian has a strong background in computer science, electronic circuit validation, component procurement, and image sensors. Vanda is also a serial investor in high-tech companies.

    Vanda ensures the team focuses on essential product features and brings products to the market. Additionally, she founded a non-profit organization called Mokbe*, which aims to provide sustainable economic solutions to highly rural parts of the world.

    Vanda grew up in Moscow. Her parents abandoned their careers as scientists to escape the Soviet Union and rebuild a new life in the USA. Her father is Armenian, and her roots there have helped the company build its engineering design center in the capital city of Yerevan.

    *Mokbe is a Mayan (Kʼicheʼ) word meaning the beginning of a new path.

  • Richard Neumann

    Co-Founder | CEO | Head of Sales & Marketing 

    Richard is the vision behind SUB2r, utilizing his 30 years of experience in the high-tech sector. He has held senior management positions at various companies, including Fibex (acquired by Cisco), Zaffire (acquired by Center Point), Micro Power Systems, Spectra Physics, and Amdahl.

    Richard was also the co-founder and President of TriLumina, a company specializing in revolutionary VCSEL technology, and the co-founder of Ravix Financial.

    Richard's background is diverse and fascinating. His father was a rocket scientist. Richard’s mother was an accomplished ballet dancer and a Hollywood movie actress, and her sponsors in the Screen Actors Guild were Alfred Hitchcock and Carole Lombard. In high school, Richard collaborated with Steve Shlisky, a multi-award-winning editor and producer, to create films.

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  • Serge Yefimov

    Co-Founder | Chief Creative Officer

    Serge Yefimov is the creative and design mastermind for SUB2r, responsible for industrial design, 3D imaging, cross-app/platform video applications, virtual illumination simulations, and UI and software development. He also ensures the quality of the video image.

    He and his brother Igor developed the foundation for replacing the industry-standard legacy linear image processing pipeline with a Convolution Neural Network (AI).

    Serge majored in Architecture at Poltava Technical University. He and his brother were born in Ukraine as part of the Soviet Union. Like Vanda, their family escaped, and in 1997, they came to America to start their lives again.

  • Igor Yefimov

    Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer

    Igor singlehandedly developed the brains of the SUB2r camera series. He has revolutionized the field of applied mathematics by optimizing the computational structure of FPGAs or field-programmable gate arrays. This innovative technology has made it possible to develop an imaging pipeline based on the alternative HSL color space, which lays the foundation for replacing conventional algorithms.

    Previously, Igor worked as one of the original software engineers at PayPal.

    He holds a Bachelor of Science in Navigation, Orientation, and Stabilization of Space Apparatuses and Flying Complexes from Bauman Moscow State Technical University. He also earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering from Poltava Technical University.