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BNC™ Performance Glasses

BNC™ Performance Glasses

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Visionaries See Beyond Common Knowledge

Those inclined to diverge from the herd have a capacity for seeing beyond what’s presented as common knowledge.


SUB2r’s Performance Glasses were made for them, and represent a rejection of visual orthodoxy—especially in regards to blue light.

Rather than fearing and filtering blue light, SUB2r’s performance lenses harness it as a natural alertness enhancer, constricting the pupils and reducing melatonin production to keep you operating at your absolute sharpest for extended screen sessions.

Additionally, by reducing Biochromatic Noise—color frequencies the eye expends more energy to analyze—SUB2r Performance Glasses inspire faster reaction while reducing physical fatigue to further give you an edge.

It takes guts to upend established norms. But to those who pursue excellence without compromise, it’s entirely necessary.

We do not block blue - Blue light is not evil.

A very specific color of blue is essential to human physiology. So much so that we have highly specialized cells in our eyes that are only sensitive to blue light at 480nm. These cells are not used for vision, they control many aspects of our body such as how wide our pupils are and how much melatonin – that hormone that makes you sleepy – your body produces. SUB2r technology optimizes these cells naturally by allowing as much of this blue to reach your eyes, reducing melatonin, keeping you awake, constricting the pupil making your vision sharper.


Humans are Trichromatic

We have cells in our eyes that are sensitive to red, green, and blue. This is why monitors and digital cameras use red, green, and blue to mimic how we process colors. The brain combines information from these cells and generates mental colors for what you see. Some colors are harder for the brain to figure out so it will use the shape and memory to determine color. This takes added mental computation. We call these colors BNCtm or Biochromatic noise. By reducing these in between colors we can make it easier for the brain to process images – reducing mental fatigue over time.


The Details


Numbered Limited edition Competition and/or Practice Biochromatic Noise Cancellation™ glasses.

These glasses are designed to optimize your performance over long periods of gaming.

Competition formulation can be paired with our Practice formulation when preservation of your circadian rhythms is a priority over performance.

Our Spotless Promise

We love our SUB2r products and are confident you will too! That's why we offer a 100% unconditional extended 14-day money-back guarantee of the date of delivery to the customer.


We provide limited warranty for our products against defects in materials and workmanship. If the product fails during the warranty period, we will repair or replace it at no cost to the original purchaser. To learn more about our warranty terms, please click on the following link.

Note: The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents, or unauthorized repairs or modifications. Proof of purchase is required for warranty claims.

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Refund Policy

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