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Limited Series Vii BNC™ Performance Set - Competition Glasses + Practice Glasses

Limited Series Vii BNC™ Performance Set - Competition Glasses + Practice Glasses

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SUB2r glasses use Biochromatic Noise Cancellation technology to protect your eyes and reduce brain strain during screen time. 

Our Limited Series Vii set enhances power colors for faster reaction times, improves contrast and sharpness, and may reduce fatigue. Upgrade your gaming experience with top-level performance and comfort.

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Focus on winning!

Stay alert during multi-hour competitive gaming and other activities with extended screen time

Use our Limited Series Competition & Practice glasses to reduce visual fatigue & block out the Biochromatic Noise from monitors.

Our glasses enhance the good and reduce the bad.

Two luxurious glasses

Not just an advanced lens technology – SUB2r is also a luxurious statement piece that's sleek, stylish & built to last!

Crafted with precision from a premium blend of aluminum and magnesium alloy, this frame is both lightweight and durable.

The shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses provide added protection and peace of mind.

Made for elite gamers our Limited Series Vii BNC Performance Set is perfect for everyone who wants to elevate their gaming style in a luxurious way.

Get the inside scoop from Tatiana on how SUB2r has improved her F2 driving performance.

As a professional race car driver, Tatiana wears the Limited Series Vii BNC Competition Glasses during training.

Our cutting-edge technology helps improve visual acuity and reduce fatigue, which helps Tatiana stay sharp and energized in preparation for a race.

We're honored to have Tatiana Calderón as an ambassador for SUB2r, and we're proud to see the benefits that our glasses bring to her performance as a professional athlete.

Frequently Asked Questions

BNC™ stands for Biochromatic Noise Cancellation™. Biochromatic Noise™ is one of the major factors of brain and eye fatigue. Our research shows filtering this visual noise reduces this fatigue, extends performance, and contributes to overall eye health.

What does BNC™ technology do?
It is designed to greatly optimize the visual process, reduce fatigue on the eyes and brain, and extend user performance play time.

Why are there two different color lenses, and what is the difference between them?
SUB2r has engineered two different formulations. We call them Competition and Practice lenses.

Competition BNC™ Formula (Magenta)
This formulation is designed for intense gaming where focus, alertness, and reaction time are the user’s primary goals.

Aggressively reduces Biochromatic Noise (BNC™)
Suppresses Melatonin, the hormone which makes you sleepy
Accentuates power colors to help the brain react faster
Enhances Contrast
Maximizes natural alertness
Improves focus
Reduces eye and brain fatigue
Block 99.98% of harmful UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C rays

Practice BNC™ Formula (Amber)

This formulation is designed for use before bed, during practice sessions, or long periods of screen time.

Preserves circadian rhythms
Reduces Biochromatic Noise™ (BNC™)
Accentuates power colors to help the brain react faster
Enhances Contrast
Maintains alertness
Assists in focus
Reduces eye and brain fatigue
Block 99.98% of harmful UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C rays

How does BNC™ technology optimize the visual process, reduce fatigue, and extend peak performance?
1. Humans are trichromatic. We detect colors of red, green, and blue. The colors between these primary colors like yellow, require the brain to do additional work. Filtering out this Biochromatic Noise greatly reduces additional brain processing.
2. It accentuates power colors which the brain is hardwired for faster reaction.
3. Increases contrast, making it easier for the brain to identify motion and shapes.
4. Allows wavelengths of light through to reach the cells which suppress the production of melatonin.
5. Controls pupil constriction for sharper focus and longer depth of field.

How do blue light and melatonin affect the human body?
Both affect the circadian rhythm but with opposite effect. Blue light stimulates part of the brain which sends signals to suppress release of melatonin, which helps to keep the bodAy alert and awake during the day. On the other hand, melatonin helps to signal the body that it is time to go to sleep. Sun is the main source of blue light. As the sun sets, levels of blue light fall, and levels of melatonin in the body naturally rise. This is also important for regulating the sleep-wake cycle.

Why does BNC™ technology suppress production of melatonin?
Production of melatonin is regulated by special cells in the eyes that are not used for vision. The low levels of blue light in the environment or artificially blocking blue light by wearing blue blocker glasses are a trigger to produce more melatonin. For a competitive gamer, being sleepy while in competition is bad for the player, and the team.

Are these Blue Blockers?
No. Totally the opposite! BNC™ technology ALLOWS specific bands of light from the blue spectrum. With more blue light, less melatonin is produced. Blue light signals our brains to stay active and alert, it can improve reaction time and cognitive performance. Blue blockers make you sleepy and are more useful before bed.

What are the lenses made of?
Lenses are made of scratch-resistant and impact-resistant dye-infused polycarbonate, which meets or exceeds FDA regulations title 21 CFR 801.410 for impact resistance.

What is unique about the material used to make SUB2r BNC™ glasses?
Our lens material is constructed of specifically tuned multi-band filters, and produced using a patented dye-infused polycarbonate process

What is special about the dye-infused polycarbonate?
The dye is infused directly into the polycarbonate using a patented process. This guarantees a permanent color that does not fade or wear off over time.

Where are the lenses made?
The lenses are made in the USA. The glasses are assembled in the USA.