Limited Series Vii BNC™ Performance Set

Includes - Competition Glasses + Practice Glasses

Elevate performance with SUB2r's Biochromatic Noise Cancellation™ Glasses. Our advanced tech reduces visual fatigue and brain strain during extended screen time. The Limited Series Vii set features power colors for improved contrast and faster reaction times.

Tatiana Calderón's Winning Formula

See How Our Tech Helps Her Stay Sharp on the Track!

As a professional driver, the ability to accurately distinguish between different colors and shades can be crucial for identifying targets or obstacles. By providing a more accurate representation of colors, SUB2r gives professionals like Tatiana Calderon the technology to react more quickly and effectively to in-game situations. This is also beneficial for competitive gamers who need to maintain high levels of concentration and mental clarity during tournaments or matches.

Works in Total Darkness: No Lighting Needed

Introducing SUB2r Active Green Screen (AGS)

Our innovative patented technology that eliminates the common issues associated with traditional green screens. AGS is easy to set up and configure with OBS or other software, adapts to use in any orientation and location, and produces even lighting with customizable intensity settings.

Empowering Creativity Through Innovation

SUB2r Redefines Digital Imaging Limits

SUB2r is a tech company driven by innovation and pushing boundaries in digital imaging. We help serious gamers, content creators, and industry professionals elevate their performance and creativity. Whether you want to stream, work, or play better, we help unlock your creative vision.