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Studio 460 offers live processing purity made possible by 1,200 hand measurements.

For the creator whose stream represents a true departure from the main.

Broadcast Superiority.

Against the endless flood of the forgettable, Studio 460’s superior performance sets the artist on a special trajectory, one of rare significance—an existence in which what is live is also what lasts.

Through this lens, let the world know: there has never been anyone like you.

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1000 Unique Electronic Components

Moments broadcast via SUB2r’s Studio 460 take on greater weight, stake their place in time, and elevate content from the merely histrionic to the truly historic.

Live processing purity only made possible by over 1,200 individual hand measurements, a decade of devotion to mastering the mathematics of image processing, and an obsession with technological perfection.

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The Details


+ Image Sensor: SONY IMX294 Starvis MFT 4K

+ Optics: Full-powered MFT interchangeable

+ Resolution/Frame Rate: 4K 60fps / 1080p 60fps

+ Pixel Size: 4.63um

+ Dedicated sensor cooling

+ Dynamic Range: 13 stops (estimated)

+ Color Bit Depth: 4:2:2 12-bit

+ Output: Dedicated Dual 12G SDI

+ Input: SDI Genlock

+ Output: 12G SFP+

+ I/O: USB 3.1

+ I/O: I2C

+ AUX Power Input: 5vDC

+ Aux Power Output: 5vDC

+ Audio: Dual forward-facing Knowles microphones

with internal noise cancelation

+ Audio: External I/O

+ Cooling: Passive/Active

+ AI-ready

When will it be available?

Currently available for reservation only.