Camera Specifications

Every aspect of our broadcast camera is designed to be upgraded. Interchangeable key components include the lends, power optic modules, microphones, and the camera board. As we add new image sensors, no need for a new camera, just snap in a new camera board. As we improve the image pipeline, the firmware can be upgraded over USB 3.0.

Camera Features

Interchangeable Camera Boards

A key element to our design which allows the user to pick an image sensor that is matched to their specific needs. This also lets the user upgrade their camera without having to purchase a new one. Our camera comes with a 4K/1080p camera module.

Auxiliary Power In

Provides the user with alternative and supplemental power if their USB 3.0 or Ethernet aren't sufficient. Provides power to support additional user-installed modules. Onboard power take-off gives the user 2.0 and 5.0 volts of isolated and protected power.

Access To Chip-level Registers

Gives the ultimate control of the image sensor. Each chip has upwards of 1,000 8-bit registers which control how the chip functions. We have developed a UI to allow the user to access, read, and reprogram these registers.

20 Channels of User-configurable I/O

On the camera board. This allows the user to add powered optics like power focus, zoom, aperture, shutter, and IR switching. The channels are not limited to just these functions and can be configured by the user to support their needs.

Customizable Output

Primary USB 3.0 output provides accessibility for most PC/Linux based systems. The secondary output may be determined by the user using the SFP+ cage available modules: HDMI, GigE, or SDI. For those who have specific applications, this provides the ability to design your own custom modules.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 10

Requirements to use SUB2r software on PC

Processor: Intel® Core i7-6850K CPU @ 3.60 GHz

RAM: 32.0 GB RAM

System Type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

USB Port: 3.0 and higher (including Type A and Type C).

*Supports SFP+ modules and other third-party hardware.