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Discover Why 9783 Professional US Photographers Are Going Crazy Over This Active Green Screen In 2023

By Mildred

Last updated Nov 8, 2023

Summary: You can now shoot professional green screen footage in your studio (or even outdoors) without spending a fortune on expensive dedicated lights and hours setting them up. SUB2r is without a doubt the best active green screen ever made. Continue reading to find out why!

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1. You Can Break free from the restrictions of traditional green screens

Imagine a world where you are no longer confined to a restrictive defined space when using a green screen. What if you could have a perfect green screen that became part of the scene? What if it was even dynamic? And what if it worked in the most challenging of locations? It could be in a closet, on the ceiling, on the floor, on the beach, even following your actors down a moonlit walk on the beach, on a bicycle, or inside or outside of a car.


2.You can forget about expensive, heavy, and difficult-to-adjust lighting.

Meet the world's most convenient, self-illuminated Active Green Screen. Say goodbye to bulky green screens and dedicated external lights. The SUB2R is a self-contained portable green screen that can even be battery-powered. It folds up small to take with you on location.


3.You can Take back control of your time.

It is so easy to use and quick to set up. Our patented self-illumination eliminates the need to spend hours adjusting your backdrop lights. Simply unzip it, unfold it, mount its legs, power it up, and you are ready to go in under 3 minutes! Just imagine never having to adjust your green screen lights again! Now you can focus on making your subject perfect.


4.You can have a perfect green-screen background even in your closet!

SUB2r's technology allows you to film in challenging environments such as extremely tight and dark spaces without worrying about lighting, shadows, color spills, or being too close to the screen. In contrast to the standard green screen with dedicated external lights, our patented technology is self-illuminating, requiring no dedicated lights. Your subject can be close enough to touch the green screen and there will be no issues with shadows!

5. You Can Take your studio everywhere you go!

The portable design of this Active Green Screen makes it easy to transport. It also comes with a carry bag. You can have a green screen photo shoot on the beach, in the woods, or anywhere you want. And the best part is - no dedicated lighting is required!


6. It comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

And the best part? If you don't like it, you can get your money back in 90 days. No sweat! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your Money back + 90 Day No-Hassle returns

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