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Square One

Square One

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Square One Camera

Born For Your Moment.

Start streaming history.

SUB2r’s Square One Camera is the live video asset with which amateurs go pro, with which the truly unique break away from the masses.

A marvel of technological engineering in which the aesthetic and the functional culminate in a camera of exceptional power—power immediately recognizable to streamers of a higher caliber.

Square One is a superior creative tool developed by thinking diametrically opposed to the norm. The result of a courageous rejection of the status quo and devotion, instead, to radical originality.

It was built to set you free, born for your moment—the moment everyone learns your feed is heading in a different direction.

Product Video

Coming Soon

Product Specification

Image Sensor: SONY Starvis MFT 4K

Optics: Full powered MFT interchangeable

Resolution and Frame Rate: 4K 60fps / 1080p 60fps

Pixel Size: 4.63um

Dedicated sensor cooling

Dynamic Range: 13 stops (estimated)

Color Bit Depth: 4:2:2 10 bit

Video Output: Dedicated 4K 60 HDMI 2.0A

Video Output: 12G SFP+

Video Output: USB 3.1 4:2:0 8 bit

Input: USB 3.1

I/O: I2C

AUX Power Input: 5vDC

Aux Power Output: 5vDC

Audio: Dual forward facing Knowles microphones with internal noise cancelation

Audio: External I/O

Cooling: Passive/Active


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